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Gartner’s Top Technology Trends for 2021

Gartner, Inc. has recently introduced the Top Strategic Technology Trends for 2021 during their virtual IT symposium. Strategic IT analysts and experts made projections based on their findings on how the COVID-19 pandemic shaped technology. In light of the global health crisis, tech companies, big and small, adapted and reshaped their approach to the extent of molding tech trends for the following year.

Gartner elucidated on a comprehensive list of trends that executives and leaders should expect for 2021. A majority of these trends are focused on embracing the pandemic’s impact and how it molds the IT landscape. We will focus on the Gartner trends surrounding Cloud tech, Blockchain, Internet of Things, and Artificial Intelligence in this article.

Cloud Trends

When it comes to setting the cloud tech expectations next year, Gartner highlighted the distributed cloud’s importance. A distributed cloud allows businesses to relay responsibilities and cloud services across different IT functions. Regardless of the location, business operations become manageable with the use of a public cloud provider.

Analysts found that remote work arrangements and freelancing opportunities are here to stay even during post-pandemic. Not only it promotes convenience, but it can also streamline the workflow and deployment of the product. With the help of a reliable cloud, organizations can withstand low-latency scenarios while reducing data costs. Simultaneously, distributed cloud accommodates laws that dictate data must remain in a specific geographical area.

Blockchain Trends

Blockchain continues to pick up its pace in the wake of the current business climate and beyond. Gartner trends inform us that blockchain technology to secure data and devices will continue for 2021. According to their findings, three technologies will emerge to improve privacy-enhancing features and protect data. These are new methods that facilitate differential privacy, refines homomorphic encryption, and a reliable environment to process and analyze data.

Over the years, the issue surrounding privacy continues to grow. Therefore, businesses perform strategies that encrypt data when outsourced vendors or partners utilize them. This safety net allows organizations to collaborate across regions without compromising security, data privacy, and confidentiality. Businesses must perform extra precautions before sharing, processing, and accessing any form of data.

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Internet of Things

As one of the most prominent aspects of technology over the years, the Internet-of-Things plays a fundamental role in the coming years. IoT aims to leverage data for wide-scale networks to bridge a gap between information and technology. Gartner emphasized an extension to IoT, the Internet-of-Behaviors to flourish in 2021. IoB interconnects devices to gather data sources that impact a change in consumer behavior. The IoB integrates data to the customers to influence their actions with the use of feedback loops.

Experts noticed how a majority of auto companies make use of telematics to monitor consumers’ driving behaviors. With that in mind, it helps them shape their product that targets driver performance, routing, and safety. Another example can be found in employees’ transition to remote work arrangements when the pandemic hit the world. The introduction of automated tools and applications to adapt to the current situation eased this shift’s burden. From videoconferencing tools, AI-powered assistants to virtual meeting technology, these approaches leverage employee engagement and improve workflow. The increasing advancements and sophistication of technology that processes data opened doors of opportunities for this trend to remain.

Artificial Intelligence

Gartner trends for 2021 highlighted AI engineering’s role in facilitating scalability, advancement, and AI model innovation. Although a handful of AI projects can face maintenance and governance issues, this challenge can be possible to overcome. Analysts from Gartner have found that 53% of AI  models can make it from prototype to production. It may not be a huge percentage, but it shows a significant improvement in streamlining dynamic AI development.

Gartner sees the importance of designating an AI engineering function as part of the DevOps team to increase success chances. Pushing for collaboration across multiple disciplines paves the way for creating sustainable AI operations at scale. With CIOs, executives, and stakeholders taking part in these projects’ design and governance, there can be a tremendous improvement in AI models.

The Bottom Line

The conjugation of Gartner’s trends aims to reinforce the role of data and technology in the business landscape. These trends are worth exploring to improve the value of products while imposing authority over IT technology usage.

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